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British Royal Suite

₹7000 / Night
British Villa Rooms & British Villa Suites

The British Villa is the foremost block at Shimla British Resort. The entire Villa boasts of two separate suite rooms on the First Floor known as the ‘British Royal Suites’. A double bedroom with a heritage bed is available on the ground floor of the British Villa. Each British Royal Suite is well equipped with wooden flooring, hand knotted carpets, antiques and colonial furniture create an ambience of heritage. A perfect holiday to be enjoyed along with your family-the attached children room gives the cozy hill station touch and old-world British charm. Each suite room has a King-Size Double Bed and an extra-large single bed. The British Villa Double Room has one large double bed. The British Villa boasts of having two separate common lounge area and meeting area on the ground floor that leads to a porch that overlooks the lawn. You will definitely get amazed by the British Royal Suite Rooms and the colonial vibes that it brings with itself.

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